The 350 project: Polar Bears, O Polar Bears, Wherefor Art Thou Polar Bears?

I know I'm still a hippie because I  still believe that art and music can change the world; well, along with a good librarian.  Last night I happened to be listening to PRI's "The World" and caught an interview with founder Bill McKibben. The back story is that 350 ppm is the ideal proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere to sustain live. Currently, we are at 390ppm here on mother earth. To call attention to the need for massive societal change,  a giant art show visable from space is being launched this week. The 350 Project website has all of the details. Be sure to pay attention to the  project which  creates the outline of  a polar bear with  orange tents on a remote Icelandic beach which can be seen from space. The local page has all sorts of projects that anyone can do to participate in this week long event. Dropping last minute ideas on teachers generally does not yield great results. Today however, our new art teacher surprised me. While it's too late for concerts, land art or murals, she thought we could get the middle school students together and form the number 350, while I stand on the roof taking a photo. We may not be seen from space but we can use the snap as a reminder over our recycle bins. Try something last minute yourself. Have some fun with students as a way to raise their awareness while connecting with other students worldwide who will be participating in this amazing event.